How We Do It

When people ask, “How We do it,” their attention is on our reputation as drivers of excellence. Historically, we have saved companies billions of dollars through greater quality and efficiency. We’re thought leaders of process management. We work hard at it every day. We are committed to everything we do. That’s how we help our clients achieve excellence.

A culture of Quality, Productivity and Cost Effectiveness

We have extensive experience across all industries, from local organizations to large multinational corporations. ASI’s highly customized approach brings each client a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives allowing us to quickly and effectively address the challenges they face. ASI offers a fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights to help our clients set new standards of excellence in their industries, helping them transforming their strategic visions into high-value business results.

ASI Consulting works closely with all kinds of businesses in all sectors – helping them achieve quantifiable process improvements to address their product design and on ongoing operational needs. Executives appreciate our wide view of critical value chain and business processes.  Managers love our strategy and execution. We use proven tools and methods – many of which we developed like LEO and Design for Six Sigma. We also pave the way for others as thought leaders in Six Sigma and other management methods. We deliver solid business results that reduce cost, eliminate waste and increase throughput and productivity.

The ASI team has helped Electronics and Manufacturing companies with its expertise in improving margins and efficiency and staying ahead of competition. Some Pharmaceutical/ Medical companies have taken bold initiatives and successfully deployed innovative tools like Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) in research and development, drug manufacturing, etc.

ASI Consulting Group has helped public sector areas such as Education and Government by empowering these institutions to face challenges of internalizing quality by applying powerful quality tools like Quality Function Deployment and Strategic Direction in their organizations for addressing and solving problems.

ASI has enhanced organizational culture and increased skills necessary to deal with complex business cycles in many industries including Construction and Mining where we applied Six Sigma and DFSS to gauge the requirements of environmentalist agencies and government regulators and to design and improve their industry leading products.

Regardless of the industry, ASI Consulting will be able to assist your organization in developing and executing the appropriate solution, using the right tools at the right time, providing high-value business results.