Construction and Mining

Raising the Bar for Construction and Mining

Why is the health of the construction and mining industry so important to the economy? Simply because through construction, we build infrastructure and keep the country productive. Without mining, we cannot manufacture; the economy is lost without raw material to make iron, aluminum or steel; no computers without gold and other precious metal; and ultimately no information economy without coal, which generates more than 50% of the electricity driven by steam generators.

Our dependence on metals has been a steady lifeline in the industrial world for centuries.  But the need also creates an Achilles’ heel in the companies that harvest and produce these source materials. They are subject to the economic cycles that drive the markets for consumer goods.

ASI’s services help construction and mining companies transform into high-performance businesses that can succeed in a competitive and rapidly evolving global marketplace.

Executives appreciate our wide view of critical value chain and business processes.  ASI brings together strategy and execution. We use proven tools and methods – many of which we developed like LEO and Design for Six Sigma. We also pave the way for others as thought leaders in Six Sigma and other management methods. We deliver solid business results that reduce cost, eliminate waste and increase throughput and productivity.

Some of the clients ASI has served are:

  • Case Corporation
  • Contech
  • Cyprus Sierrita
  • Jacobsen
  • Linwood Mining & Minerals Corporation
  • Morrison & Knudsen
  • Simplex Products Division