Defense and Aerospace

Strengthening  Defense and Aerospace

The defense and aerospace industry takes significant upfront risks by investing heavily in long-term programs. The financial impact of design mistakes, changes in schedules and manufacturing build rates along with program mismanagement is high. Consequently, in the defense market, organizations need to decide on which programs they want to pursue based on current, as well as future technology, materials costs, program longevity, likely build rates, timing and life cycle of the equipment.

Therefore, it becomes critical for Defense and Aerospace companies to pursue optimal designs for major programs and then effectively devise, streamline and optimize processes and operations to ensure sustained efficiency and profitability throughout the product lifecycle.

ASI Consulting works closely with engineering firms, developers, and manufacturers to achieve quantifiable process improvements to address their product design and on ongoing operational needs. Engineers appreciate our wide view of critical value chain and business processes.  ASI brings together strategy and execution. We use proven tools and methods – many of which we developed like LEO and Design for Six Sigma. We also pave the way for others as thought leaders in Six Sigma and other management methods. We deliver solid business results that reduce cost, eliminate waste and increase throughput and productivity.

Some of the clients ASI has served are:

  • Aerojet Ordinance
  • Army Missile Command
  • Boeing
  • Curtis Wright Flight Systems
  • General Dynamics
  • G.E. Aircraft Engines
  • Gonzalez Design Engineering
  • Honeywell
  • Hughes Aircraft Company
  • ITT
  • ITT Federal Services Corporation
  • Lockheed-Martin Corporation
  • LTV Aircraft Products Group
  • McDill Air Force Base
  • McDonnell Douglas Corporation
  • NASA John C. Stennis Space CenterNASA Marshall Space Flight Center
  • Naval Avionics Center
  • Naval Weapons Center
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Rocketdyne
  • Rock Island Arsenal
  • Rockwell International
  • Sundstrand
  • The Aerospace Corporation
  • TRW
  • United Technologies
  • U.S. Army Headquarters
  • U.S. Army Materiel Systems