Nonprofit Organizations

Making a Difference for Nonprofit Organizations

Like for-profit organizations today, nonprofit organizations are also faced with unprecedented challenges and pressures.   Ever changing economic conditions mean a steady decline in public and private support as demands for their services increase. ASI Consulting understands that nonprofits ultimately want to target donors more effectively yet keep operating expenses to a minimum so more time, effort and resources can be applied toward achieving their mission.

ASI Consulting has a strong sense of corporate social responsibility and takes a holistic approach to helping our nonprofit clients. We bring together strategy and execution, using our proven tools and methods  – like LEO, DFSS (Design for Six Sigma), and Six Sigma – to deliver solid results that reduce cost and increase productivity.

We help nonprofits implement structural and sustainable changes in their processes and procedures that reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies to optimize their impact to their intended targets. Some of the nonprofit clients ASI has served are:

  • Leader Dogs for the Blind
  • Henry Ford Health Systems
  • Make it Right Foundations
  • The Joint Commission