Electronics and High-Tech

Vision of the Future for Electronics and High-Tech

The global economy is making things difficult for electronics and high-tech firms. Competition from every sector has become more and more aggressive and persistent. Pressure from consumers is rising. The race is ongoing to deliver better performance and greater functionality. Little surprise that now – more than ever before – electronics and high-tech companies are facing frequent change, along with the need to accelerate their innovation processes and create winning products that can truly translate into revenue. Competitive companies, the real leaders of high-tech, are constantly reevaluating the needs, wants and desires of the rapidly changing and demanding customer base. Without optimization – without sustainable quality – companies simply will not survive.

ASI Consulting’s objective and systematic approach enables companies to design, develop and sustain products that create additional value from their solutions and business processes while minimizing risk and disruption all while reducing cost.

Our clients rely on our ability to help them achieve quantifiable process improvements to address their product design and on ongoing operational needs. Engineers appreciate our wide view of critical value chain and business processes.  Executives enjoy our strategy and execution. We use proven tools and methods – many of which we developed like LEO and Design for Six Sigma. We’re recognized masters of Six Sigma and other management methods.

We deliver solid business results that reduce cost, eliminate waste and increase throughput and productivity.

Some of the clients ASI has served are:

  • AT&T Bell Laboratories
  • Beta Technology, Inc.
  • Bell Northern Telecom
  • Canon Business Machines
  • DataMyte
  • Eastman Kodak Co
  • EDS
  • Ericsson
  • Fasco Controls
  • General Electric Co.
  • General Instrument
  • GTE Laboratories, Inc.
  • GTE Products Corporation
  • GTE Valenite Corporation
  • Harman-Motive
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Hewlett Packard – Singapore
  • Hobart Corporation
  • Hutchinson Technologies
  • IBM Corporation
  • IBM Brazil
  • International Rectifier
  • James River Corporation
  • Kaiser Electronics
  • Kemet Electronics
  • Lexmark International, Inc.
  • LSI Logic
  • M.T.S. Systems Corporation
  • Methode Electronics
  • Micro Switch
  • Mitutoyo Mexicana
  • Motorola, Inc. National Semiconductor
  • Navistar
  • NCR Corporation
  • Norand Corporation
  • Philips
  • Phillips 66 Company
  • Pirelli Cable Corporation
  • Raychem Corporation
  • Sandia National Laboratories
  • Siecor Corporation
  • Siemens Energy & Automation
  • Siemens Gammaesonics
  • Siemens Industrial Automation
  • Sprague Electronics
  • Square D Company
  • SSI Technologies
  • Texas Instruments
  • Texas Instruments – Philippines
  • The Wiremold Company
  • TRW Advanced Systems Division
  • Unisys Corporation
  • U.S. West
  • Western Digital
  • Xerox Corporation