What We Do

ASI Consulting Group, LLC offers unbiased leadership and strategic execution through a broad portfolio of quality management and performance improvement consulting services. What we do is stay focused on improving the competitive position of our clients.  We get it done by ensuring that our clients are receiving high-impact value for every service offering we deliver, each time, every time.

How ASI Gets it Done

We focus on what really matters, thinking big while working lean and mobilizing your own forces for change.  Our solutions help organizations by minimizing product development costs, reducing product-time-to-market, eliminating waste, and efficiently increasing customer satisfaction, revenue and overall organizational productivity.

ASI Consulting offers a truly unbiased, highly candid, third-party, approach to improving organizations.  We deliver the tough messages that, ultimately lead to even stronger, long-term relationships with our clients.

We are flexible and adaptable which enables us to help our clients at the speed of today’s business – necessary competencies for industry-leading clients in a fast-moving, fluid world.  ASI consultants do not get hung up on rigid methodologies or “playing in their own sandbox.” We’re prepared for the inevitability of change and ensure that are clients are as well.

ASI Consulting uses the right tools, at the right time, for the right audience to implement the right solution!




If your organization is serious about competing in the global marketplace and wants to transform itself from a company that does things well into an established…. learn more


From the book Power of LEO – Listen, Enrich, and Optimize – at organizations’ fingertips, challenging everyone, from CEOs to frontline workers, to make Quality their top priority… learn more


ASI Consulting Group is the pioneer of DFSS (see: Design for Six Sigma), being the first organization to provide a clear roadmap for the various quality tools that are used in DFSS… learn more

Robust Engineering

Robust Engineering allows for the Voice of the Customer to be translated into engineering requirements that optimize the functionality of the product or process and make it robust to common failure events/modes… learn more

Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a methodology that seeks to improve the quality of existing processes by identifying and reducing or eliminating the causes of defects (errors) and variation… learn more

Voice of the Customer

VOC is a technique that is used to gather data, information and knowledge regarding what your customers think about your products and services (as well as those of your competitors) and how they use them… learn more