It’s not just the processes or methodologies that a company works with that can make them more or less successful. What is the reason that some succeed and some don’t when implementing the same initiatives and methodologies (i.e. Six Sigma, DFSS, Lean, etc.)? There are always plenty of variables, but one of the most critical factors in answering this question is the company culture and mindset of its people. Most companies implement some type of quality initiative and expect the culture change to happen as the company gains experience. This can work, but it often takes more time than most are willing to spend.

This is where LEO is different. It is about that mindset needed to be successful. It is a fundamental business philosophy that if followed can lead to extraordinary results with an emphasis in 1. Developing Products, 2. Solving Problems, and 3. Improving Processes. If there is focus on the mindset and philosophy behind some of the proven methodologies, the effectiveness of the methods and the people learning and using the methods is far, far greater for your business.

The thinking is that this needed focus on the philosophy can facilitate the culture change  by focusing on Listen, Enrich, Optimize rather than on a ‘tool’ or ‘toolset’.