Taguchi Methods

ASI Consulting Group’s, Genichi Taguchi (1924-2012) was the originator of the famed Taguchi Methods also known as Robust Design, which have profoundly influenced product development, engineering and the global quality movement.

Taguchi Methods improve product quality at the design stage by integrating quality control into the product design process prior to large-scale manufacturing. Taguchi Methods allow a company to rapidly and accurately acquire technical information to design and produce low-cost, highly reliable products and processes.

The late Genichi Taguchi, ASI Consulting’s first executive director starting in1982, pioneered automotive quality reforms, helping transform today’s ASI from the Ford Supplier Institute to the American Supplier Institute (ASI) to today’s ASI Consulting.

Genichi Taguchi worked with quality pioneer Edwards Deming to help Japanese companies set the bar for quality and Japan’s post World War II ascent, using quality to transform Japan from also-ran to global leader. Taguchi authored more than 40 books and received numerous awards for his contributions to Quality Engineering and mentored current ASI Consulting Chairman and CEO Subir Chowdhury.

Subir Chowdhury has built on his mentor’s work, pioneering modern quality standards like Design for Six Sigma, Six Sigma, Robust Engineering and more recently developed the latest quality standard, Listen-Enrich-Optimize (LEO).

Taguchi died June of 2012, but his legacy continues at ASI: Taguci’s son, Shin Taguchi, is Chief Technical Officer at ASI Consulting. Shin Taguchi followed in his father’s footsteps, implementing Quality Engineering through the practices of the Taguchi Method. Shin Taguchi has also authored two books centered on the ideas of the Taguchi Method.



Praise for Genichi Taguchi and his Taguchi’s Quality Engineering Handbook

“Classic! This handbook is an excellent reference for engineers and quality professionals in any field”

Kevin W. Williams

Vice President, Quality General Motors North America


“ITT has learned from experience that Dr. Taguchi’s teachings can prevent variation before it happens. This book is a great demonstration of this powerful approach and how it can make a meaningful difference in any type of business. It takes a dedicated engineering approach to implement, but the pay back in customer satisfaction and growth is dramatic.”

Lou Giuliano

Chairman, President and CEO ITT Industries


“Dr. Taguchi’s enduring work is of great importance to the field of quality.”

Dr. A.V. Feigenbaum

President and CEO General Systems Company, Inc.


“This handbook represents a new bible for innovative technical leadership.”

Saburo Kusama

President Seiko Epson


“It is a very well thought out and organized handbook, which provides practical and effective methodologies to enable you to become the best in this competitive world for product quality.”

Sang Kwon Kim

Chief Technical Officer Hyundai Motor Company & Kia Motors Corporation


“For those who see the world as connected, this landmark book offers significant insights in how to design together, build together, and lead together.”

Dr. Bill Bellows

Associate Technical Fellow The Boeing Company


“Dr. Taguchi has been an inspiration and has changed the paradigm for quality with his concept of loss function. Robust Engineering is at the heart of our innovation process and we are proud to be associated with this work.”

Donald L. Runkle

Vice Chairman and CTO Delphi Corporation