Why QIEB for my Organization?

Quality is Everyone's Business

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Designed and developed by Subir Chowdhury, the long-established global authority on the critical importance of quality and how to achieve it with Six Sigma, Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) and his breakthrough management principle LEO® (Listen-Enrich-Optimize). Quality is Everyone’s Business is an interactive, online teaching tool that will help you redefine the way your employees will thinking about their role and their responsibility.

    • QIEB establishes the “Quality Mindset” – the principles necessary for the entire organization to begin thinking the same way about quality.
    • QIEB allows you to enhance your current quality policy/mission/vision/guiding principles by making Quality an important factor that belongs to “everyone” in the organization.
  • QIEB teaches your entire organization how to:
      • “Listen” – how to observe and understand what really going on with your employees, peers, subordinates, leaders, customer and supplier.
      • “Enrich” – how to explore and discover; doing everything they can to find the best solution – not necessarily the easiest solution, but the best solution possible to any problem, issues or dilemma they face.
    • “Optimize” – how to improve and perfect everything they do, every day – so that they always think that “good isn’t good enough!”
  • QIEB helps make better use of the tools, processes, procedures, plans and strategies you current have by aligning them to a common focus – quality and excellence, all the time, every time.


“I am of the firm belief that to be a Quality organization and deliver a high level of Quality products and services, Quality must become a part of everything we do, what we leave behind every day of our life, until it becomes a lifestyle choice, not just an afterthought.” -Subir Chowdhury