Our history in quality and process management trace back to 1981, during the founding of the Ford Supplier Institute. FSI’s mission was based on the recommendations and teachings of quality pioneers and co-founders Dr. Edward Deming and Dr. Genichi Taguchi.  Ford Supplier Institute later became the American Supplier Institute, Inc. Years later, ASI Consulting Group LLC. was established by Subir Chowdhury in 2003.

Our history is also marked by excellence. We have delivered effective and unique solutions to all industries, large and small, through implementation of principles and concepts pertaining to Quality, Engineering, and Process Improvement. ASI has continued to pioneer, improve and embrace powerful engineering and quality methodologies including Voice of the Customer (VOC), LEO, Quality Function Deployment, Mahalanobis-Taguchi System (MTS), Design for Six Sigma (DFSS), Robust Engineering, Six Sigma, Lean, TRIZ, Quality is Everyone’s Business (QIEB) and others.

ASI measures success by its customer’s accomplishments. ASI has saved billions of dollars for clients by implementing sophisticated engineering solutions throughout the organization and solving real problems with real innovation. Customers include Global Fortune 500 companies as well as small organizations in public and private sectors.

Looking toward the future, ASI strongly feels continued change must take place in the field of Quality.

In his lectures Subir Chowdhury states: Industry has a common flaw in that it does not fully act on the ‘People Power’ and ‘Process Power’ of quality. To improve, we must practice and achieve a quality mission that involves both aspects of quality. Quality is everyone’s business. Quality is a personal responsibility to be embraced by ‘All the people, all the time’.