Performance-Based Training

ASI Consulting Group’s roots have stemmed from a deep understanding and appreciation associated with designing, developing and implementing performance-based training.  Over the past 30 years, ASI has delivered thousands of training programs on the leading principles and concepts pertaining to Quality, Engineering and Process Improvement to all industries, large and small, globally.

How can ASI helps businesses like yours meet their critical objectives?

Here at ASI we design, implement and manage industry-leading Quality, Engineering and Process Improvement training solutions that align performance among employees, customers and partners, enabling companies to meet their business goals.

At ASI Consulting we ensure that our learning products or environments are problem centered around, and involve the student in a cycle of learning (adult learning concept) that involves four distinct phases:

  • Activation of prior experience (can they relate the concepts to similar knowledge)
  • Demonstration of skills (presentation of training materials in the most appropriate format)
  • Application of skills (skill-based exercises, simulations, hand-on practice)

At your location or ours, ASI has the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure that performance-based training can be an effective tool in your Process Improvement solution set.