Robust Optimization Course

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ASI Consulting Group, LLC offers this course to help professionals like you achieve tremendous results from Robust Engineering and Robust Optimization methodology. This 2-Week Intensive study will prepare in-company leaders to implement robust engineering culture throughout the organization. The courses will offer answers to these and other project management questions.

  • How to improve robustness using low-cost variations of a single, conceptual design?
  • How to speed up product development cycles with FEWER manufacturing problems?
  • What’s the secret of fewer field problems, lower-cost and faster product launch cycles?
  • What is System Behavior Testing (SBT) and how does it help define the fewest number of tests with the most amount of coverage?

Course Content:

World-renown instructor, Shin Taguchi, will cover “8 Steps of Robust Assessment” and other key points of “Robust Optimization” methodology based on real life case studies from all types of organizations in different industries.  Attendees will also experience detailed discussion and exploration of other key points of “Robust Optimization” methodology, including the following topics:

  • Robust Assessment and Optimization of Non-dynamic Responses
  • Quality Loss Function & Investment Decision Making
  • Tolerance Optimization
  • Optimization with Computer Simulations
  • Optimization of Non-linear Ideal Function
  • MT System for Pattern Recognition
  • T-Method for Modeling
  • System Behavior Testing (SBT) for Validation of Software Systems

robust optimization

Is Robust Optimization for you?

This course is recommended for R&D Engineers, Product Engineers, Process Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Validation Engineers, Engineering Management, Engineering Executive. It is highly recommended for practitioners of Six Sigma and DFSS. The learning objectives include:

  • Robust Optimization with Hardware
  • Robust Optimization with Computer Simulation
  • Application of Quality Loss Function for Investment Decision Making
  • Tolerance Optimization
  • Pattern Recognition using Mahalanobis-Taguchi System
  • Modeling using T-Method where # of samples can be much less than # of variables
  • System Behavior Testing to validate system function under numerous customers’ usage conditions (e.g., subsystems for autonomous driving)

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2016 Course Dates: Week 1 > July 18-22; Week 2 > August 22-26
Course fee: $3,000 per person, per week
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