Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education


The accreditation of medical residency programs can be slow and time-consuming. Since the accreditation process must involve hospital staff and doctor volunteers, it is critical to maximize their utilization in the accreditation process in order to avoid wasting their valuable time.

ASI Solution:

ASI Consulting Group reviewed the accreditation group’s 27 core offerings to determine which offering, if improved, would provide the most leverage to the organization. After listening to both the leadership and the available data, ASI identified the Internal Medicine Residency accreditation process as the best place to start.

Achieved Benefits:

Cycle time was reduced by 114 days, a 25% improvement. The original process took, on average, 1 year and three months to complete. The improved process took 11 months. Work time within the process was reduced by 56 hours, a 30% reduction. The original process took, on average, 187 hours of work time; the improved, 131 hours. The number of process steps was reduced by 16%.