Enterprise Implementation

Practice / Industry: Electronics/High Tech


The Company suffered major setbacks due to lower cost, higher quality products offered by numerous competitors. In spite of rapidly declining profits, corporate management did not resort to panic cost cutting. Rather, the top management team devoted several months to study competitive offerings and benchmark engineering & manufacturing methods in non-competitive companies. Armed with a new strategy derived from the study of enterprise implementation, the CEO set the goal of reversing this trend and becoming the market leader.

ASI Solution

To achieve this objective, the company selected ASI-CG as a partner to help with their enterprise implementation. The first stage was to reinvent the engineering and manufacturing capability of the corporation. ASI-CG was intensely involved during the initial 5 year turnaround period. ASI-CG provided training, consulting and execution in all of the elements of what is now recognized as engineering based Design for Six Sigma (DFSS). The corporation developed a new Product Development Process based on DFSS methodology.

Achieved Benefit

The outcome was an outstanding success story in which ASI-CG is proud to have participated. Within 4 years, the corporation was delivering the highest quality, most reliable, and lowest cost office products. Happy customers helped the company regain market share, years of rapid growth, and unprecedented profitability.