Robust Engineering Assists Product Complaints

Practice / Industry: Robust Engineering


Development of a vision based method for classifying occupants in the passenger seat of automobiles. The federal government placed requirements on when passenger side air bags can deploy, requiring the system to be able to detect and classify occupants. Although the company had an existing method of classification, they were trying to explore new technologies that would increase the Robustness of the classification.

ASI Solution

After our initial assessment, it was decided that the company needed robust engineering to improve the process. ASI Consulting Group executed a pattern recognition system called MTS.

Achieved Benefit

The team completed the study of the current and proposed technology and found that it was not capable of meeting government requirements. The biggest benefit of MTS was the fact that the team identified the technology was not capable of meeting the requirements very early on in the development cycle. Knowing this technology was not capable, detection allowed them to free up resources to search for better technologies. ASI-CG then helped using DFSS which provided a new design for classification that worked.