Corporate Deployment Robust Engineering


A multi-billion dollar Tier 1 automotive supplier was struggling with poor product quality and reliability. Automotive OEM customers were not confident the company could meet their stringent quality requirements. The company recognized that poor quality – redesign, returns, warranty and cancellation of contracts – were costing them several million dollars. The company leadership, decided to focus on Engineering. They realized that quality designed into a product or a process, creates lower costs.

ASI Solution:

Seeking robust engineering experts, the company selected ASI Consulting Group as its partner to achieve the new mission. ASI Consulting and others within the company collaborated on an extensive review of the company’s engineering practices and closely examining areas that have short and long-term impact on the company. Robust Engineering was applied. Although initial projects were focused on fixing urgent problems (firefighting), projects gradually shifted from “problem-solving” to “advanced development”, focusing more and more on problem prevention as opposed to fire fighting. The application of Robust Engineering precluded firefighting and helped engineers to focus more on strategic aspects.


Several hundred projects have been completed. The average result of the projects was 50% reduction in variation and the total financial benefits have already been over $100 million.