The company manufactures compressors for the refrigeration industry. The refrigeration industry is under pressure to reduce or even eliminate the emission of all compounds with a significant ozone depletion potential and/or a global warming potential. There is a great need to develop a more efficient compressor for the refrigeration industry in order to satisfy the growing worldwide demand.

ASI Solution:

ASI Consulting Group optimized the design process of valve parts that affect the energy efficiency ratio of compressors.

Achieved Benefit:

The new design for their compressor reduced variance by 50%, and improved efficiency by 3.3% (which is very significant for this industry). The new compressor design is robust against oil variations and satisfies needs of society to control environmental pollution. A series of studies resulted in compressor designs that were regarded as grade ‘A’ internationally. Before these developments, compressors from this company were regarded as grade ‘C’.