Six Sigma: ASI Helps Heavy Equipment Supplier Navigate Market Downturn

Practice: Six Sigma


The Company was in a significant downturn: revenues were decreasing, profit margins were plummeting and new product releases were less than desirable.

ASI Solution

Based on their own research, the company sought a consultancy that was a proven Six Sigma expert. ASI was brought in to consult on both product and process improvement and also transactional process improvement. This large undertaking was a very ambitious program for a six sigma implementation. The transactional processes were found to have a large source of untapped waste removal. The new products were being development and released without the benefit of Robust Engineering methodologies. By utilizing both Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma (in manufacturing and product research) the company re-engineered the way they do business.

Achieved Benefit

The entire business culture was changed. The view of the business by managers was now one from the customer’s perspective and not just the business perspective. Millions of dollars were saved and an ROI of 20:1 was realized.