Electronic Copier


A manufacturer of a popular electronic copier found that their customers wanted new features and functions, but the company also knew that implementations of new features and functions tended to be very slow and often required a lot of ‘guessing’ by engineers as to which features customers would like the most. Fear of the unknown continued to slow progress in launching their new models.

ASI Solution:

Electronic copier design, like any other machine, requires that engineers understand that the Voice of the Customer, Quality Function Deployment, and Concept Development methodologies. ASI demonstrated how the company’s competitors used such methodology to turn technological marvels into products customers want. Moreover, ASI showed that Robust Optimization methods could help make the products highly reliable. The corporation established a program to get engineers out and about with customers. Engineers essentially collaborated with customers to refine and prioritize an extensive list of possible features and functions.

Achieved Benefit:

The company launched a highly successful family of digital copiers that quickly replaced optical copiers.