Robust Engineering Facilitates Firm’s Entry Into Virgin Market

Practice / Industry: Robust Engineering


The firm’s marketing division has identified that the market for compressors for water coolers and mini refrigerators was increasing. The company was eager to capture this new market. Presently it did not have any models for this segment of the market.

ASI Solution

The firm decided to come out with a design comparable with the best in the world, which at the same time would be cost-efficient. The company benchmarked itself with the leading compressor manufacturers. Seven design variants were selected and each varied at two levels. Robust Engineering methodology was used.

Achieved Benefit

Robust Engineering helped the company to incorporate the best features of the world leaders in a short period of time and successfully come out with a new design. The design was approved by the R&D department for production. The weight of the compressor was approximately 6.5 kg which was a reduction of 36% over the original weight. It was able to capture the market, yielding a very high profit to the company.