Practice / Industry: LEO


Create a unique Neuroscience healthcare process for seniors with the key symptoms being neuro pain, balance, and/or cognitive functions without having a template of prior success to guide the creation and implementation.

ASI Solution

The Hospital used LEO as described in the book “Power of LEO“. They Listened to the internal and external customers in the new process; Enriched the new process by identifying the existing process with measures and then designing a new process with measures that created a world-class level of service; and Optimized this new process by not only implementing it, but ‘designing in’ the quality so that very few changes needed to be made once the new process was implemented.

Achieved Benefit

When the hospital used LEO, external customers (both the patients and the caregivers of the patients who were often times the sons/daughters of the patients) were grateful for the reduced time of patient service from 3 weeks down to 2 days and the internal customers (the doctors and administrators) were grateful that they could work quickly, effectively and collaboratively to help their patients. Patient care and satisfaction increased as did revenues while costs decreased.