DFSS Aids New Product Development

Practice / Industry: DFSS


An office product company was examining digital electronic copier implementations. New electronic implementations created problems with new features and functions. How could the thousands of potential new features and functions be narrowed down to those that were important to future customers? This seemingly unknown answer slowed development while competitors were preparing to launch their digital copiers.

ASI Solution

DFSS has been an ASI tool since the first book on the subject: Design For Six Sigma in 2005. Using DFSS methodology, ASI-CG helped the corporation understand that the Voice of the Customer (VOC), Quality Function Deployment, and Concept Development Methodologies could help turn technological into products customers want. They also learned that through DFSS and Robust Optimization methods, their products would become highly reliable. The corporation established a program to get engineers out and about with customers. For the first time engineers collaborated with customers to refine and an extensive list of possible features and functions. The result created a product that was well received by customers and hepled the corporation ‘leap frog’ its competition.

Achieved Benefit

The company launched a highly successful family of digital copiers that quickly replaced optical copiers. The principles of DFSS helped the company to create a full range of digital copiers customers purchased in preference to competitive offerings.