DFSS Helps Leverage New Market Opportunities

Practice / Industry: DFSS


The Company was attempting to expand out of the automotive market but was having difficulty translating their engine system experience from automotive applications to other engine applications. The current engineering process was not allowing the company to be competitive in this new market.

ASI Solution

DFSS (Design For Six Sigma) was first introduced in 2005 by ASI. The client’s new engineering group needed new engineering processes; ASI-GC utilized its extensive knowledge of DFSS. Management support for these new methods was skeptical at first. The group utilized the DFSS methodologies on the target market products. The result for the group was that they were able to transition from 30 % below the competition in performance to 10 % above the competition. This was completed using a fraction of the resources and less than half the time of previous projects. This success allowed them to enter a new market and generate revenue.

Achieved Benefit

The success did not stop with that one application of DFSS, Management recognized the power of this new process and began to expand it to other engineering groups. These groups were able to document resource and time savings of over 50 % on other engineering programs while delivering products that were far superior in performance and durability of previous released products.