Major Food and Beverage Company


A major food and beverage corporation needed a “next generation” quality deployment and did not want to use Six Sigma or Lean based on past failed attempts with these quality methods.

ASI Solution:

ASI-CG was called to deploy LEO which involves “all the people, all the time” meaning that everyone has a role to play in increasing quality. Using LEO the company was able to identify major areas of savings in operations, energy, labor and inventory which resulted in an ROI of 12:1.

Achieved Benefit:

Aside from the millions in dollar savings that ASI helped generate, the culture of the corporation was changed — for the first time middle management understood its role in increasing quality; operators instead of resisting management began to actively participate in increasing quality and leadership realized that when everyone truly understands what they need to do to increase quality, productivity increases, waste decreases, workers feel empowered to make changes and both the corporation and its customers benefited.