Fuel Pump

Practice / Industry: Automotive


A fuel pump manufacturer needed to develop a new fuel delivery system to satisfy hot fuel handling requirement. In order to reduce pollution, the company needed to develop a new system which delivered precise fuel flow for combustion so that they could eliminate unused hot fuel returning back to the fuel tank. A team of engineers was assigned to accomplish this in three years. Two years into the assignment, they could not meet the requirement.

ASI Solution

To attack this fuel pump problem, ASI Consulting Group was asked to help with robust optimization strategies. After two months, the developer had a design that met all requirements.

Achieved Benefit

The team finished development in two months, meeting all requirements, and reduced time to market, which translated to saving of approximately $250k of engineering time and development cost. Cost avoidance in future warranty costs, as fuel pumps are a high warranty item was expected to be in the millions.